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    Welp,as you can see,I'm new here (thank you,Captain Obvious)

    My name is ComputerRat (RataDeOrdenador in spanish... w00t)

    I'm KIND OF new to the Hammer world,and that...stuff... I've made 4 crappy Portal 2 maps with the PeTI,and finishing my first puzzle using Hammer,so I know just enough to start with a future TF2 map. I still need to watch (or rewatch) tons and tons of videos,tips/tricks and threads,and yadiyada.

    I've actually been interested in this website (and the whole TF2 mapping community) for a long time,but it was WAY to complicated for me. Well,it's still complicated,but I can undestand ALL the things now... hopefully... deargodhelpme.

    And well,that's about it,I guess. I'm not that "letsmakethebestintroductionever" guy,so you have to deal with this.

    While I was writing this I found that "WiP in WiP" thread,so I guess you'll find me there quite often.

    The End.
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    Hey, @RataDeOrdenador, welcome to the community! :D I started out mapping for Portal 2 myself.
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    Welcome, Rata. If you need help, encouragement or would just like to chat, join us in the Steam group chat room.
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    The Map Discussion Forum will be you're best friend when you have problems.
    Dont ever not ask a question.