Hello, mapping newbie here!

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    I have wanted to make maps for a long time and have just never gotten around to it, until now! I made a map for CSS, but I really dig the visual style of TF2. My clan recently fell in love with the game and I'm pumped about learning to make some custom maps for our server.

    I've been tooling around the net trying to find some good resources for TF2 mapmaking and I stumbled across the site. It seems to be really well put together and has a nice community.

    I have about a month's experience with the Hammer editor, so expect lots of questions. I have my graph paper, a large whiteboard, and a head full of ideas so I'm glad I found the site and I look forward to learning the ropes and sharing ideas with experienced people.
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    Always glad to have an entheusiast in the group :) Before I begin any project, I always sketch a rough outline in my doodle notebook. Hammer has a lot of stuff to learn, but it's pretty easy once you do. Make sure you check out our tutorial section. I think we've covered almost every topic lol. And of course, there's usually someone in the Steam chat who can answer questions. Welcome aboard m8!