Hello Guys!

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    Hi Guys!
    I am really excited to become a part of this community.
    I am currently learning how to map for TF2 so if you guys could give me some tips and pointers that would be much appreciated!

    you can add me on STEAM im a very friendly person
    i usually accept people's friend request unless its a Phisher :mad:
    i mainly play TF2 but i do play a wider variety of games.

    I hope my time here will be a good one. i hope to make lots of new friends! :D
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    Much energy you have there. Welcome to the community! Best (and quickest) advice I can give is, don't carve.

    If you need help there is a lot of tutorials in our tutorials section, or join us in or steam chat, it's a fun time in there.
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    Click the image to get more info about mapping! [​IMG]