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    Hello everyone, I've just started to get into mapping overall, and I chose to map for TF2 because, well I love this game :D. I started one map, but then had to completely restart the map from scratch due to some error that I couldn't fix. And now on the second time through I'm regretting not drawing things out on paper and so I'm taking a break from that for now :p. My REAL map idea and the reason I came here is cp_fallout. It will be a dustbowl style map (3 rounds 2 cap per round). I already have the first two rounds drawn out and cap one of the last round drawn out. I am leaving for vacation in a few days so I won't be able to get started, then when I get back I have band camp for 2 weeks straight 13 hours a day (ugh.) So this map may take at least a month to get to beta or even alpha testing. I am going to hopefully post the drawings and the idea in the WIP thread in a few days. The drawings may be too pale though... hmm well whatever. Hello again, and thanks for having such an awesome community/website!
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    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your work.
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    lol, glad to have you w/ us m8 :) Yeah, unless I at least sketch something in my doodle notebook, actually creating more than a basic outline is exceedingly difficult. What do you play, by the by? Anyways, quality stuff does in fact take time, so no worries. If you ever have quick questions, there's usually someone in the Steam chat who can help out. Welcome to the group!