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    Hi, my real name is Roman, the steam id is <osb> Orange Wacko DGB. I belong to the DrinkGoodBeer clan, which is more like fun gathering of people all over the world. I though it was a very fun server to play so I joined it!))

    I have just recently started to work in Hammer, and I think it is an amazing tool to unleash the creativity of all sorts! I don't think people should limit themselves by the classic layout maps or even realisitc content. I am a web and graphic designer, so the map I am working on, I hope, will become the most unusual, bizarre, comfortable, and fun map to play! I really-really need help in the beginning, to figure out simple things I get stuck on! I hope you guys will help me with your advices. I really appreciate any feedback and tips.

    Not afraid to code and figure out the code's core so bring it on!))

    It is fun, peace, Orange Wacko

    PS MY map wil be called Orange Madness (name is taken by ME!))
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    welcome to the community =)

    feel free to ask all the questions you need and also do check out the resource link thread in my sig!.
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    What's with the ))? :p

    Anyway, welcome to us.
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    I don't think orange madness is a good name. It makes people think of orange_x, which you don't want them to ^^ Well, atleast I would never play it.

    Welcome anyway :)