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Hello from Bobby

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bobby1211, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. bobby1211

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    Hello All. I found your forum seeking "how tos" and I have found lots of good stuff here. I built a learning map and spent WAY to much time on it. The more I learned the more mistakes I realize that I made in the beginning. Maybe I'll remake it someday.

    I have just started my new map that will be revealed in the WIP thread shortly. I hope to make some new friends to help test and am also up for testing others maps. I look forward to an organized game night that we can all help each other and give criticism on our maps in progress.

    Play wise I am part of a group of casual players from On steam I am {IC} BobbyDigi and play Medic/Engi/Sniper depending on the map/round/team need. We play for fun. Though now that CGS is free we might put a pro/am team together.

    I know a lot about hammer, map flow, design and strategy so I throw my 2 cents in whenever I can when someone asks.

    I am a TF2 purist. Keep it to Valves rules. Though I have fun on a tweaked server every once in a while, I am not a fan of mods. For example I really don't like instant respawn. I believe that a lot of time and thought was put into respawn times to balance the map and give advantage when advantage is due. Killing a sniper on an instant respawn map is advantages to the sniper. If he dies he is back at spawn to run out and back into the action. If you shoot him and not kill him it takes more time for him to run back to respawn to resupply. Sorry for the rant there, maybe there is discussion on this topic on the forum here. If so I look forward to hearing others thoughts on this.


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    Hello, Bobby. Welcome.

    Gotta agree with your opinion on stuff like instant respawn. It won't take you long to meet some other TF2 purists here, I'm sure. :p
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    Welcome, <3 purism
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