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    Hey, my names Thristhart, been off and on on CounterStrike 1.6 for years now, started learning to map about a year ago, still haven't made a working map :D When i heard of Orange Box, my main intrest was Portal and HL2, but when I played TF2 i knew that this game would have me hooked for years. So I almost immediately googled "TF2 map making hammer" and found this place, and fell in love with the tutorials.

    If anyone cares, before joining up here, I played CS 1.6 (as before stated) and played on Kongregate.com(still do) and i'm an avid artist with The GIMP (google it!).

    I've read enough intro threads to know: "Tut page is great, check chat for anything else." ;D

    Fav class is engineer, steam ID thristhart.
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    QFT^^ hehe, welcome bud. I love lurking in chat in not for anything else but.. chatting =) fun place!
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    Well met, new person. Glad I don't have to tell you that the chat is great.