Hello everyone!

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Aug 16, 2016
Hey I'm Arctic, a shameless Scout main. I've been playing TF2 for almost 2000 hours now, I've started back in 2011 but only managed to finish the tutorial before getting disencouraged. I only started playing it more "passionately" in May 2013, and I'm still playing it actively to this day.

I found out about TF2 mapping in hot summer of 2015, I was still learning and doing it just out of boredom. Then after some time I started getting keen on it and set goal to finish my first map. Well, It didn't go well and I haven't finished any map for years. I got more experienced at detailing but my layout skills still suck. I only went for Slender Fotress maps (custom gamemode). I've became passionate about mapping over time and suddenly got really good at this. Still lack of motivation or time is keeping me down, hopefully I finally finish any project.

Apart from mapping I enjoy programming, coding, playing many different games (FPS & Horror games are my favourites), working out and reading spoopy stories. I'm such a nerd right? My favourite game is obviously the mighty TF2, with second place taken by Overwatch and third one by Killing Floor 1/2. I also enjoy some DotA2 and Dead by Daylight.

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