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    So Basically I'm starting out as a map designer been working on my very first map probs going to take me months or longer before I even consider releasing a beta of my map as its not in working order things like the skybox not being at ground level with the rest of the ground is one of those kinks I need to work out as well as getting doors to actually work. I have no idea currently why my skybox is down lower then the floor no idea how to simply "rise" the skybox floor I tried that and it bugged out. and Yes I know how to center my skybox with the map and everything so I know the basics of everything.

    Anyway that's another subject but basically I'm a gamer I play all kinds of games and I want to work on designing my own so with my lack of any sort of basic programming skills what so ever *I tried learning programming I still don't even understand the basics of programming but anyway* I decided to go into map design to get my foot into the door so to speak.
    And so far map design has been going a lot easier so far not saying that map design is easy as I understand the time and effort it takes to make a map.
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    Hey there, welcome to the community!
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    You shouldn't wait to show us what you're doing until beta, open up a thread in the map workshop and show us how alpha is going! Schedule it for a gameday as well so we can playtest and help you make layout adjustments before you start detailing.
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    Don't be afraid of putting your first maps out there. We all did it and they were all terrible, but that's how you learn. Just make sure it actually works first. :p

    Oh, and welcome! :D
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    Welcome to the community! Never be afraid to post what you have done already. The worst that will happen is that you'll get feedback, which can only make it better!

    If it helps, this is my most recent map ... and this was the first one I ever posted to the site. You can't get worse than that.