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    Hi there.
    I'm Grimes and I love TF2. I remember playing the original quake mod through MPlayer way back in the day. It was among my first online game experiences and it was fantastic.

    I've done some mapping for both Unreal Tournament 2004 and UT3. I toyed a little with hammer for Counter-strike Source, but never made anything worthwhile. I've been having an itching to do something substantial with the source engine for a while. Be it Tf2, L4D, or even a single player HL2. Its just something I've wanted to do, but other factors always prevented me. I'm a soon to be college grad with a single summer course standing between me and my degree.

    A friend and I had done some preliminary planning on a tf2 level a few months ago. But school got in the way. I figure its summer, I have some extra time. I might as well work on it. Then I saw a post concerning your annual contest, looked into it, and decided that its worth a shot.
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