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    Hello my name is Anner. i been modding games since 2001 starting with all the Battlefield series except 1942 after that a bit of unreal and i decided to give source games a try again and here i am. those are my hobby's professionally i am a game developer studying at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida.

    I found about this forum by reading a post on map making on the official TF2 forums.
    and i just finished the alpha of my first map hoping some people in here would be interested in testing it.

    oh and my favorite class is prob the pyro and the engy.
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    Very cool and welcome to the community!

    Have a chance to share any screenshots of your Alpha?

    Also providing you follow the submission rules for TF2Maps.net Gameday threads in this forum


    You can submit your map *When the post becomes available* To a *EU* Gameday, * or to a Saturday/Sunday *US* Gameday

    Full server of other mappers and players alike helping out with gameplay and critique to help you out. Also provided with *if you so choose* the .demo recording of it.

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    Welcome. Hope we will see your map =)