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    Hi there, name's uNCLEsAM098, IRL: Chris.

    Coming over from the TF2Newbs site, where many of their group have been helping me with my mapping, as well as being generally awesome :D

    They recommended I come over here as well to get advice/help with many of my mapping questions as well as find other tutorials, so I'm all about that.

    Anyway, about me...

    Like I said, the name's Chris. I'll be 23 in June, and I currently work full time at The Home Depot selling major appliances. I am currently trying to be accepted at Digipen for a bachelors in computer game design degree.

    I have been mapping ever since Unreal Tournament, but majorly picked it up when HL2 (More specifically, HL2CTF) released. I'm trying to become an expert at making maps... always trying to push myself further with my skills and experience, rather than settle for just making the next kill-box.

    I've made a final release on one map already: Jump_uNCLEsAM, thanks to bob+M|M+ and many others.

    I'm currently working on a new project: Known as CP_CrazyTrain. I really want to change the way strategy is used with this map, combining CP_Well-esque capture points and train use, while also adding a bit of fun, and a LOT of strategy for clan-play. I'm really pushing for this map of mine to not become public until it's gameplay is PERFECT, so I can hopefully see it in some clan matches next to WarPath and Turbine. Who knows... it could happen :)

    Anyway, thanks for reading my overly long post, and feel free to send me a message. I occasionally host a very basic dedicated server for alpha-testing my maps. Add me to your friends list, and join me occasionally if you wish to help (Constructively please).

    Thanks guys, and have a great day!
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    Welcome Abroad!