Hell Ho

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Dec 23, 2018
Hello, I'm new to map making. so ya. I'm here to learn what I can and maybe I'll make a good looking/well playable map.

I only got into mapping a year or so ago and I've only made three maps at that time. How ever they were just test maps. Now I did at least try to make a "real" map but I never finished it sadly.

There is some light tho. like today I've dedicated that ill scrap that project and work on a new one, I
already got a draft of what i'm gonna make. Now I just need to build it and (hopefully) it we turn out ok.

Here some of the drafts/concepts for it:

20181223_101621_HDR (2).jpg

20181223_101548_HDR (2).jpg

and um yah i'm really happy to be here and I'll try to keep you guy's posted on the stuff i'm working on and i'll DEFIANTLY ask for help on some of the things in hammer.

Now I guess it's time to get started!!!


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Feb 16, 2018
Welcome to the community, dude!!!


Takes way to long to make and update maps
Jun 11, 2015
Welcome to the community! Be sure to check out Crash's tutorials if you haven't already, and submit your map to a test once you're ready!
(Also a personal note regarding drafts and beginning map-making in general: scale is *very* difficult to get down, especially on paper (unless your some kind of architectural god major like Idolon); I know as a fact the scaling of my first maps sucked, and it's something I still struggle with. However, some people find it nice to place references like player models to help with this, which I've made a prefab for)
Cheers, and happy mapping!


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Dec 23, 2018
Thank for the welcome, I have watched Crash's tutorials and they are Extremely use full! I would have no idea were to begin if tho's videos did not exists!!!

and ya scaling it is pretty difficult, for reference I have to use the engineer model that can with the Boojum Snark's pack.
How ever I did just download your prefab and I think it will come pretty handy.

Thank you vary much for the advice and recommendations!!!