Heavy & Scout Hug Taunt

Heavy & Scout Hug Taunt A2

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Aug 12, 2016
Heavy & Scout Hug Taunt - Replaces "Skullcracker"

Well this was an interesting first 72hr.
I started early since I knew I wouldn't have time on the weekend but turns out I didn't have much time in the slot I picked anyway!
That's fine though, I've learnt a lot about SFM and taunt modding in the last 3 days (and still have plenty more to learn ahead of me)

Planned to have this first taunt done by day one, turns out SFM is actually kinda hard.

Still, I'm looking forward to polishing off this taunt once the Jam is over, making a few more, and maybe even putting some on the workshop!
(but I should probably buy a new keyboard first)