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    Recently I have decided to try and use HDR in my map, but when compiling, I noticed that nothing changed in terms of lighting. When I dug in further, I tried putting mat_hdr_enabled into my console, it simply says "HDR is disabled" underneath. I also tried mat_hdr_level 2, but it says I can't change this value in multiplayer games. Is HDR just not supported in tf2 or something?
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    It's supported, but it also depends on if your computer is able to use it. On the main menu you should be able to do the following (while not in a multiplayer game)
    sv_cheats 1
    mat_specular 1
    mat_hdr_level 2
    Then try loading a level.

    If that doesn't work, there's an option to turn HDR on to 'Full' in the Video > Advanced part of the Options menu.
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