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    after the 72 hour map contest I set about to build more information into the map. so that people will hopefully be less confused. The map is a half court special delivery.

    The twist of this map is that the intel never resets. So you have to run the intel back for it to change teams.
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    So as you saw we played your map in the impromptu, here is the feedback and associated demo file.

    First off, as I mentioned in-game, the objective, even initially, was difficult to comprehend. You can simply add 'Australium ->' arrow signs pointing to the right side of the map we should focus on initially. And then 'capture point ->' arrows on the opposite side.

    For when the flag is picked up, and only one team is allowed to carry the flag over to the objective, you should also display that somehow on screen. Temporarily what you could do is display a capture point icon above or below the flag compass, and change ownership of the capture point (with the disable sounds flag checked of course) to show which team possesses the flag thing. In the future you may also be inclined to change the capture point icon to be something more specific like a circle icon, or even a miniature flag icon. (If you do choose to do the capture point thing, make sure you have a second capture point somewhere on the map, disabled from HUD / un-cappable, so that owning the one shown on screen doesn't win the round).

    Something else I noticed that needs looking into, is that blue team dropped the flag on the elevator, and even though no blue guy was in the area, the elevator continued to rise until the door at the top opened up.


    After this I launched up to it and took it into the 'final room' where I assume blue was meant to cap, and win the round, but because I was red I took it in past the trigger, the doors closed, and I was trapped inside with the gyroscope thing. Made for a cool effect when I killed myself and the flag stuck to the rings though:

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