Have You Played Arena: Respawn Yet?

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    Arena: Respawn is an Arena mode server mod created by awk and seven from Win/Lose/Continue, with a creative twist: capturing a point respawns of all the dead players on your team, and capping a point you already own marks you for death.

    It's become incredibly popular, and is definitely worth playing if you haven't given it a try yet. Plus, if you're worried your TF2 skills might be getting a little rusty, Win/Lose/Continue has also helpfully created Training Wheels, for players who'd like to learn how to get better in a low-pressure environment.

    For more information, players can subscribe to eXtv for upcoming Arena: Respawn videos and announcements.

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    Nice work Awk and Seven
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    For those who haven't seen it yet, awk and I had collaborated and added lots of custom arena maps from TF2M via this thread.