Have a random idea for a map, not sure if it's worth doing - discuss?

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    Had the idea of combining the Payload and Mann v Machine modes, to have a MOBA-style gameplay map - AKA DOTA/DOTA2 or LoL. Major issues though would be whether the defend-push-teamfight back and forth gameplay of MOBAs would combine well with the twitch run and gun headshot gameplay of TF2. Also whether anyone in the TF2 community would even want to play such a mode! I think it would need to be a lot more fast-paced... also, no farming. Farming is fairly boring in most MOBAs. Also I think that in TF2, with the weapon loadouts picked out before the game, it doesn't have a place. I also don't know if the robots can be aligned to the teams, if the robots can fight each other, if they can be used while also having two teams - I looked at the MvM example map that came with the Source SDK and it had the robots as the Blue team, which would preclude having two teams...

    Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone thinks I should pursue this idea? I have no experience with the Source engine so I would have to learn mapping from scratch... so I hesitate to do all that unless there's some interest.
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    I don't know how plausible this would be, since I'm pretty sure most of the MVM stuff is hard-coded and can't be easily changed.
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    a) For MOBA-style gameplay that is still fast-paced you may want to check out how Blizzard Allstars is designed
    b) A project of this scope will definitely require a SourceMod plugin to work, a custom map alone can't control the objects well enough