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    Herro everyone! My name is TrivialKnifer! I am of Asian descent, hence the Harro! If you were offended by it, please tell me and I will not do it again!

    Anyways: I am an aspiring TF2 map maker. I have made several small "achievement/idle" based maps, but those are very useless. :D

    Feel free to ask me any questions!
    (Please no personal questions! I will not answer them. My privacy is important to me)
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    Hello, and welcome to the actual serious community of map-making.
    GameBanana slogan is "The home of game modification"?
    Ours should be "Where mapping looks so easy but it's a fun pain in the dick"

    Seriously, the maps will make you suffer. I am the living proof of it. I have made three maps, all sucked, by you learn a little bit every time.
    You might check almost all tutorials that are around here. I mean seriously. I have studied all of them, over and over again. And my maps still suck.
    You know, achievement_idle maps are useless. You could have learned more by making a shitty map that uses an actual gamemode, like KotH or Arena, than a good trade or idle map.
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    Jesus christ that's grim but ok. Welcome to the community though :)