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    In my map pl_altitude, a lot of people said the red spawn door didn't work properly. What I tried to do was make a door that works normally while that spawn is accessible, but when the point in front of it is capped, then you can only leave the spawn, not get back in. I did this by tying two identical trigger_multiples to the door (one on each side) but i'd only disable the outside one. Is there a better way to do this?
    Or should I teleport the red players inside to the spawn at last point instead?
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    There are differing opinions on the matter and different things are appropriate in different situations.

    The only absolute is that you should NEVER use a kill trigger.

    I don't like teleporting and I've never used it in any of my maps, I think it's sloppy and it's always irksome whenever it happens to me ingame.

    I prefer making doors exit-only; or disabling the resupply locker; or disabling the locker, opening the door and disabling the respawn visualiser (essentially turning it into a normal room).
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