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    I'm trying to make a forward spawn with one of those little hand symbols on the door, so people stop asking why they can't enter the door. The only problem is that the door_slide_large_dynamic prop doesn't have a hand sign skin, only the door_slide_large_door does, so I've been using that with a door_slide_large_frame. But, the door_slide_large_door doesn't fold up nicely like the other one does, instead it clips through the roof. Is there a way to make the hand show up on a door_slide_large_dynamic?
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    You would need to decompile the prop, change the skin it uses and recompile it.

    Instead consider situations where people never try and re-enter a forward spawn, such as Granary's 2/4 spawn. It's raised high up so that as soon as you exit you drop down and couldn't get back to it. Or perhaps your spawn is too close to the current objective.

    As a sidenote: if it's a forward spawn that is currently inactive, you could always put a brush with the no entry sign on it over the model and remove the brush when the spawn room becomes active.