Hammer textures are suddenly low-res [SOLVED]

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    UPDATE: This problem has been solved, i just re-installed ABS resource.

    So i went to simply continue to do some work on my map, nothing that much interesting, just changing some brushes, lowering the spawn etc etc (my map is in early alpha)
    But upon booting it up, every Texture in the 3d view is VERY low res.

    Now most off the time hammer isn't a program with THAT much high quality textures but THIS is over the top
    The wierd thing is is that it basically suddenly happened, i didnt touched any texture related option. it just suddenly was there,

    I have searched different topics but the solution given there did not work (change convar.mat_picmip under some .cfg file)

    I couldnt find a clear awnser with google either, not even if i typed the question in multiple ways.
    Is there any way to fix this?

    This is what i have right now, it used to be atleast 2 times better

    Thanks in advance.
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