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The Supreme Meme Lord™

L1: Registered
Jan 3, 2023
Hello, I've still been trying to work on my map and despite all of my best efforts, it will not load changes still, I've tried renaming it, I tried resetting the files to an earlier version, nothing. The compile log is here, please help, I've been working on this map for a while and have already had to restart 2 other times due to a similar issue. The compile log used to run fine, but now it keeps not finishing. Any idea on what this problem might be and/or how I can prevent this from happening?


L5: Dapper Member
Dec 2, 2012
Heyo, I responded to your previous thread that the VBSP compile stops at "Building Physics collision data". The VBSP does therefore not create a new BSP and VVIS and VRAD fails because of this.

I googled this issue and found that the issue might be a broken displacement. You could try removing all the displacements and then compiling again. Note: instead of deleting all your displacements you can disable them by unchecking the displacements checkbox found in the VisGroups. This way, you can still keep the displacement data in your map file, which undoubtedly helps recreating them.