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    Ive been having trouble with sdk/hammer lately. My hammer used to be fine with the bypass around steampipe but lately errors have been coming up and if they dont come up, when i open up a map all the windows are black and behave very strangely.

    errors that sometimes come up when opening maps

    what it looks like on a blank map

    what it looks like when i open up my map

    if someone could give me a run down of how their files and folders are setup that would be awesome. Oh and also i cannot run hammer from any source engine except MP.
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    I've been looking for a fix to this, as well, since yesterday, when it first happened. Unfortunately I haven't found a fix yet.

    Also, in my hammer, if I try to load a map it crashes and closes.

    Please tell me if you find a fix.

    EDIT: I found a fix, kinda...
    My hammer works perfectly fine if I run straight out of the 'Team Fortress 2\bin', however it still has the afore mentioned problems if I run it out of the sdk in steam's tools library.

    Hope this helps...
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    The first thing to always check is that your ABS Resource Pack is updated. I know my game was crashing on loading more developed maps, but after I updated the pack it was fine. Not sure about those other problems at the moment, but I'm sure someone will be able to better help you soon.