Hammer - Mixed TF2 and HL2 Settings

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    Hello. I have recently downloaded Hammer through the Source SDK on Steam in the tools section of the library. I had opened it and there were missing textures and such (yes, black screen), but I found out that I had to setup Hammer for the game I wanted to create a map for (which is TF2). I have the directories set up, but here's where I think I'm going wrong (boxed in red):


    In the menus highlighted here, there are only options for HL2 and TFC. I'm completely new to Hammer and don't know what I'm doing, but with these settings I get this error message:


    Any fix? Need more info/screenshots?
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    Do not use the Source SDK, it is out of date. TF2 now has a standalone SDK distributed with it which you will find in the steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin directory. Just launch hammer.exe from there (or, if that doesn't work properly use hammer.bat)
    All games now have their own SDK shipped with the game files and as far as I'm aware the Source SDK is only useful when you are making content for a mod.
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