Hammer messing up computer?

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    So recently (as in, the past few months), there have been occasions where my PC screen has been glitching out, often covering the screen in a pattern of white blocks then immediately turning all one colour. Sometimes it'll be fine when I reboot, other times there'll be vertical cyan lines across the screen, and instead of reaching the Win10 sign-in screen after loading, it'll just remain a blank screen. Previously when this has happened I've had to reset the PC to fix it. Sometimes things such as glitched loading circles appear

    I say all this because the one pattern that seems to be consistent throughout all these occurrences is that Hammer seems to be open at the time these freezes occur. Sometimes while running in the background, sometimes on its own, never without it being open.

    Knowing that Hammer is a pretty unstable program, it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that that's the culprit.
    Guess I'll be avoiding using it in the near future.

    Does anyone else know of or have experience with this problem?
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    I would put the blame on the graphics card and its driver. Hammer, stable or not, doesn't have the power to do what you are describing.
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    Defentely sounds like your graphics card. Judging that it only happens with Hammer open, it might be the settings you have applied within it. Have you tried reinstalling it? Also, see if there's an update for your graphic card drivers.
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    And also see if your video card has a fan(s) on it. It might be overheating and needs to be blown out with compressed air.