Hammer bugs and crash

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    Hi tf2maps.net community.

    i got some problems with HAMMER... hope u will find time help me :laugh:

    1) My hammer just crashes when i compile my map. Then i delete my HAMMER content and re-upload it again - > back to normal. Modifiying my map again , compile and it crashes. I can compile map one time , then i need to re-upload HAMMER.

    2) Just got the bug with 3D view , hope to fix it. Or VALVe will make update which will fix it. If someone knows how exactly fix it , please tell the way.
    I have Windows 7 as OS.

    3) I have just got a new mouse , A4 tech X7 series. and i lost abillity to zoom in\out with scroll-wheel. but i can zoom in\out all 2D Views by holding cntrl+mouse wheel :mellow:

    Anyone had that thing?

    Thank you for help.

    P.S. I am very sorry for my annoying( if they ) questions. AND very-very-very sorry for my english, i am from Ukraine ,so please sorry :blush:
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    3d hammer fix: Ctrl-alt-Del- Close process GameOverlayUI.

    otherwise, not certain.
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    1) is it crashing or is it slowing down to sludge? compiles use a HECK OF A LOT OF processing power

    2) Disable the steam overlay in games in steam options = fixed and proven.

    3) whats the issue exactly? you have a new method that works, right? just adapt.
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    maybe you can use alternatively the VBCT Compiler


    so you outsource the compiling and your hammer won´t crash
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    Disable steam overlay in options , u mean so Shift+Tab wont enable steam in game(SDK)?

    2 eerieone
    i have just a biiiiig map , with big water surfaces and big blocks. (need to complete gameplay idea of this map)

    Maybe thats the problem. When i compiling maps it goes noraml and then it doing something like "Processing some kind of Flow 1...2...3...4...5.." and then Hammer crashes , windows close it. Then i need to reinstall hammer to solve problem , but this terrible , i cant do this forever.

    Gonna try your compiler, thanks.

    I dont know what with mouse. I checked all options , and button assigns. Everything like on old mouse. Maybe someone has same problems...
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    It sounds like your map could probably use some optimization.
    Here is a good site to read about it (yes it is long but it is really a must read):

    Things that will help with compiling your map faster (i.e not looking like it crashed) in particular are hint brushes and func detail. (Read sections in above link to understand why)

    Also when compiling it is also best to leave hammer to its own devices (don't minimize etc) as it will likely look like it has crashed if you do this, but it really hasn't.