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    Halloween (SURF)
    by Egan

    Currently: Release Candidate V2

    This is a linear surf map with a focus on jail combat being fair. It uses surf_torrent's perk system to let the players who surf do better in jail, but if you go to jail directly you can still do alright. The jail in this map is open right off of spawn, and you can go back in at any time. However, if you have a perk and go back to spawn, or start surf again, you will lose that perk. The surf is about a minute long, and is averagely detailed. If I make a v2, which I probably will eventually, I'll add in some more details as it's kinda bugging me.

    The perks work only with the 'even more fixed addcond' plugin, which is included in the download. The perks are as follows:

    The .nav file should be included in the bsp, but just in case it isn't I included it in the 7z file as well.

    My video showcasing the map.

    Here is the download to the no-jail version of the map.

    Currently the no-jail version of the map is better detailed overall than the regular version of the map, so eventually I'd like to port the details back into the original map, so you may see that sometime over the next few weeks.