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    i am trying to build a dam using hammer, but it has proven to be problematic. i have several models so far, none of them are up to my expectations. then i stumbled upon the picture in this post at some forum, the guy claims that he got it from some hl2 mod and re-skinned it tf2 style and he did a hell of a job. i would like to know where can i get that dam. i looked high and low for it with no success and i even asked the guy if he would give me that file, he said yes and offered to help but nothing so far. i would really appreciate it if someone can direct me as to where i can find the map or mod that contains that dam.

    and here is where the post where i got it fom:

    thank you guys.
    P.S. i already asked a senior member regarding resizing props in hammer, and he said it's not doable.
    i was able to extract models to blender but with no mesh. is there some other way someone out there knows of. that could shave that laborious process, to fewer steps.
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    I think he is saying that he made the dam. Anyways from that picture it looks like a big arc with a separate brush on top of the arc. Then added towers along the way. It doesnt look too hard, just will take a lot of sides and patients getting it the way you want it to.
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