PD + Mannpower Map set on an oil rig.

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    GUMP - PD + Mannpower Map set on an oil rig.

    The well-renowned petroleum drilling organization, GUMP (Global Unlicensed Manufacturing of Petroleum) located a new vein of extremely high-quality petroleum early Saturday morning. This vein located somewhere in the Southern Ocean could possibly generate billions of dollars’ worth of revenue. In record time, both RED (Reliable Excavation Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United) have managed to deploy forward operating bases in the immediate vicinity. This deployment has come as a shock to both the higher-ups and shareholders at GUMP, as they initially planned to reap the spoils themselves. While GUMP may have to scramble to hire mercenaries, both RED and BLU have come prepared. As a result, while tensions between RED and BLU rise astronomically, a tiny area in the Southern Ocean could soon turn into an all-out battleground.

    Gump is a Mannpower/Player Destruction map that tasks players with capturing dropped oil cans from the opposing team and depositing them at a submarine that emerges at set positions along the middle of the map. Set in an oil rig, players must avoid falling into the freezing water and use the verticality of the map to gain an advantage. The map is designed around core mechanics of Mannpower, meaning players must utilize their Grappling Hook and any power-ups they can snag to assist them in victory.

    We hope you enjoy the map - it has been fun visiting a relatively unexplored theme in the TF2 universe. We also hope this can introduce some people to the PD and Mannpower gamemodes. We hope this can inspire people to explore new themes and try using Mannpower in new ways.

    Thank you for looking at the map, We hope you enjoy it!
    - bakscratch

    You may also need to type in commands;
    "tf_grapplinghook_enable 1" Enables Grapple Hook
    "tf_powerup_mode 1" Enables Power Ups

    bakscratch - Level design, artpassing and assets
    rabscootle - Feedback, ideas and assets
    drew - Models
    boba - Particles
    boomsta - Feedback, layout and assets
    Krazy - Assets
    Diva Dan - Assets
    Yacan1 - Ideas and art
    DeRosaJ - Assets
    DatGmann - Assets
    Stachekip - Sound
    AsG_Alligator - Pipe Models
    Purp - Lore and testing

    - Open Fortress Community
    - TF2 Emporium
    - TF2Maps​
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    While I don't like how open this map is (mid's gonna be sniper hell I can just see it now) I do have to say it's a good looker. Probably the best I've seen attempt an oil rig theme. Anyway here's some feedback:

    20210218234158_1.jpg 20210218234201_1.jpg
    -I can stand inside all of these electrical box props as none of them have collision
    -probably should lower the bottom of the ocean floor as it doesn't have a transition to the skybox and just goes straight black
    -these bit silo pipe things on the top of the map don't have any collision so grapple hooks just go through them, which is weird
    -considering how often this specific computer console shows up in this map, you may want more skin variation to at the very least remove the doomsday specific text.
    -clocks in red spawn use an outside cubemap
    -floating box
    -I feel like the collision mesh for the cranes should fit the frame so you don't just grapple onto air 20210218234734_1.jpg
    -When these pillars go into the water they just stop being visible at all. I know they extend through the surface but it just looks odd that you can't see them through it at all. Perhaps clear the water up just a tad to give more of an impression of a transition opposed to a dead stop.
    -clip or remove collision of this door
    20210218233942_1.jpg 20210218233818_1.jpg
    -both lockers in spawn clip through the surrounding props when opening
    -clip all the junk on the red wall
    -maybe remove collision of these small objects?
    -bubbles look nice
    -kinda weird that the lil corner of this pipe can be stood on while the rest is clipped off.
    -rendering through the far doorways can be seen oddly from here. Very noticable
    20210218235259_1.jpg 20210218235306_1.jpg
    -red can open blu spawn doors, also the visualizer is messed up but those things are finicky
    -these yellow pipes fade in and out obviously
    -It's difficult to tell where the boundaries are for far off spaces. Since you can grapple onto any surface there might need to be something to help give an indication that this is out of the play area. Also the white cylinder has different lighting on the left and right
    -windows in these buildings on the sides of mid have very obvious fade ins and outs
    -I think someone released vertex versions of the industrial pipe props so the whole prop doesn't use the same lighting, making them either fully dark or fully bright like here
    -blu spawn is mugging me
    -overlay cut off in blu spawn
    -can stand on top of this lamp above red spawn exit
    20210218235545_1.jpg 20210218235531_1.jpg
    -I don't think I should be able to get onto these pipes. All the surrounding geometry is clipped off even though some of it is lower than you and it looks like you should be able to get to it, plus the prop walkways don't even have collison
    -floating lamp post

    Lastly, I really don't like that the water is basically an insta kill considering you capture points on a submarine that's in it. If you happen to stand in just the wrong place and just slightly touch the water you start taking a good bit of damage and even the back part of the sub itself is submerged. I get the water is supposed to be freezing but there's gotta be a better balance to find for it there.

    That's all for now, hope some of this helps :D

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    The Steam Workshop page states that not everything in this map is featured in that upload, so what are all the differences between this version and the workshop one?
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    The Steam Workshop Breaks sound scapes and Level sounds plus some other thing.