GUMBY R0B0T!!!! (with hype music)

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    Yo! I'm Gumby R0b0t. I just started making maps yesterday and so far everything has been a complete train wreck (at least i managed to download SDK :O), but I'm going to stick with it, cus its just plain cool.
    I look forward to participating in this community. Some of the stuff you guys design is sweet! Look for my name in the online box/section/thingy ;)

    Just so you get an idea of what I'm like. I'm going to college in New York, but my home town is Boston (Go Red Sox!) Basketball is my sport, so if anyone wants to rant about march madness in post secion its ok. I actually spent the time to read your rules (that speaks volumes about me). I love the outdoors, go green!
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