[GUIDE] Using The Feedback Round Plugin

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master of fast travel
Jun 27, 2016
This is the feedback round plugin by @PigPig .

Current Version:

Required Plugins
Requires the feedback2.inc. This is the main plugin.​
Requires the feedback2.inc. This plugin is a modified version of rockthevote which is used for manipulating how rtv works for feedback rounds.​

Cvars | Description
fb2_version | READ ONLY. Get latest plugin version.
fb2_time | <default 120> - How long should a Feedback round last (in seconds).
fb2_triggertime | <default 300> - If map timeleft is less than this number (in seconds), set the next round to be a feedback round.
fb2_mapcontrol | <default 1> <1/0> - This is for maps to control feedback rounds.

Admin Commands | Description
sm_fbround | Toggle if end of map FB round is enabled.
sm_fbnextround | Toggle if the next round will be a feedback round.
sm_fbroundnow | Start a fbround ASAP.
sm_fbend | Force end a FB Round
sm_fbopenalldoors | Force all doors to open.

User Commands | Description
sm_fbtellents | Return the edict count to the player.
fb_spawns | During a feedback round, the player can teleport to unique spawn names.
sm_fbrh | Help menu for normal players.
sm_fbmedic | Prints the medic count on both teams.
sm_fbdrawline | prints the distance between the clients view and the wall they are looking at.
sm_walkspeed <speed> | Sets your walk speed during a FB round.

Entities | Description
(info_target) TF2M_ForceLastRoundFeedback | Maps with this entity will force their last round to be a FB round.
(logic_relay) TF2M_FeedbackRoundRelay | Triggered at the beginning of FB rounds.
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