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[Guide] Mapping for CS:GO

Discussion in 'CS:GO Mapping Discussion' started by AngryAngus, May 6, 2012.

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    Mapping for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    This small guide will focus around Mapping for Counter Strike Global Offensive, not mapping in general. This is in no particular order.
    List is subject to change as the SDK is changed during beta, and more CSGO focused tutorials come out.

    1. Getting started in Hammer/Source

    For getting started in hammer and source engine I recommend heading to DJive's thread it contains plenty of information that applies to hammer in general, such as learning to make your first maps, setting up the SDK, etc.

    Mapping Tutorial Resources - DJive

    2. Developing a map that works

    Some helpful level design advice regarding the Counter-Strike series in general. Some other personal advice when planning a layout is to get the opinions of 'pros' of that particular Counter Strike game. However don't let their advice take control of your map, you're the mapper, they are simply providing their opinions. Theres also another link to a GB tutorial that provides some basics on CS mapping; as well as a map that talks about level design in CSS by Interlopers.

    How to develop a map that works - Valve
    What makes a good map - Windows 98
    Basic CS:S Map Tips - Interlopers

    3. Buyzones

    This tutorial details defining buy-zones in a classical gamemode map. Every classical map needs them.

    Buyzones - Interlopers
    Buyzones - CSStrike
    Map Layout Theory for CS - Skals

    4. Bomb sites

    This tutorial goes in depth on how to make a bomb site for Counterstrike Source, this is as far as I know applicable to Counter Strike Global Offensive.

    Simple bomb site - Interlopers
    Detailed bomb site - Interlopers
    Bombsites - CSStrike

    5. Hostages & Bots

    This tutorial goes into how to setup a hostage map for CS, and then test it with bots.

    Hostages & Bots - Interlopers
    Hostages - CSStrike

    6. Gamemodes - Classical & New

    This at the time of writing is still an area of CSGO mapping that is being worked on, for now Sergis has a tutorial on setting up maps and playing them on the correct gamemode.
    I'll update this when there is more info on applying gamemodes in CSGO.

    Editing gamemodes.txt and running the map - Sergis

    7. Radar

    This tutorial should be applicable to CS:GO when creating the radar.

    Radar - Valve

    8. Global Offensive skybox list

    A list of the names and settings of the skyboxes in CS:GO.

    CS:GO Skyboxes - Valve

    9. Helpful Youtubers

    A list of helpful youtubers, with tutorials focusing around CS/Source.


    To be updated...
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