[GUIDE] How to Teleport players relative to their position.

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    To be able to follow this tutorial you will need to know how to make a teleport.

    Here is a simple teleport setup. One trigger_teleport and one info_teleport_destiantion.


    Step 1.
    Create an entity in the middle of the trigger_teleport and center it.


    Step 2.
    Select the entity and turn it into a info_landmark. Name it whatever you want. But i named mine TeleMark


    Step 3.
    Center the landmark in the middle of the trigger_teleport and inside of the floor like this


    Step 4.
    Set the "Local Destination Landmark" Property in the trigger_teleport to the name of your info landmark.


    Step 5.
    Cover up any holes in your level and it should be done.


    Note: Try to place the teleports on the x or z axis and not the y axis. The screen jidders a little if you do so.
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    Alternatively, name the trigger_teleport and specify it as the landmark entity, saving the need for another info_teleport_destination. Make sure the origin of the trigger_teleport and the destination entity you use are at the same height.
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    good work