KotH Groundworks a1

One man, one map, one incredibly generic name.

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    Groundworks - One man, one map, one incredibly generic name.

    First - technically second, the first decided to clone half of the map out of nowhere - attempt at making a serious map. It's probably not great, and it's likely going to be open to several changes in the future. No set style for it yet, and the layout is probably going to be changed many times before it's workable. Most defining element is probably the most generic name ever seen for a map.
  2. Squablo

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    Here's my feedback:

    -There are walls like these that you can get caught on while walking. You might want to make them thinner or flatten them against the other walls.
    20171022012106_1.jpg 20171022012234_1.jpg

    -The lower area around the point could use some more lighting.

    -The layout is a little simplistic. Having it just spawn->passage->point could increase the likelihood of spawncamping. It feels like it could use a little more. It's nice and navigable though - no confusion here.

    -The map feels overscaled. It doesn't take too long to get to the point, but the platforms feel too wide and too long, and the height differences are too big. Trying to push up from the lower area to the point could be very difficult due to the height advantage on the point.

    -The size of the cap is too small for how long it takes to cap it. You may want to reduce the capping time.