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    Hey TF2Maps community! Just dropping this post here to introduce myself :)

    My name is Nathan. I'm a 20 year old college student (going for a Computer Science bachelors) who likes to spend his time gaming (might be more accurate to just say playing TF2 :p) and of course, mapping!

    I guess I'll start with a bit of background on how I got started mapping.

    I started when I was pretty young, I'd say around 8 or 9. Back then my dad used to let me watch him play Half-Life and sometimes would let me play it on my own. After I beat the game, I started trying out some of the various mods that came on the disk (like Absolute Redemption for example). I was so surprised to see that it was possible to create your own additions to the game, so naturally I started trying to figure out how this were possible.

    Of course, my knowledge of operating the PC was very slim back then but I eventually figured out that you could Explore the contents of the HL CD. I ended up stumbling on WorldCraft, which was included with all GOTY copies of HL1.

    After that it kind of just became a hobby really. I ultimately taught myself how to use Hammer and just started making random fun maps for games I used to play back then (mostly Counter-Strike kz_ maps and Team Fortress Classic conc maps).

    I started branching off toward other mods like Sven Co-op when I started to get better and tried my hand at making a storyline driven co-op map. The result was a map series named "Black Mesa Nightmare" if anyone has ever heard of or played that for Sven.

    High school and a new found job got the better of me for awhile and I kind of dropped mapping for a bit. I was attracted back with the release of TF2 because I used to be a huge TFC and QWTF player.

    Now, 10-11 years down the road I'm just doing what I love and making maps for people (and myself of course :rolleyes:) to enjoy. This is something I never get tired/bored doing and hopefully someday I can turn it into my profession. We'll see how that goes lol

    Anyway with that aside, I really look forward to meeting a ton of cool people and playing a bunch of awesome community maps!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Your path to mapping sounds suspiciously similar to my own. Except mine took place in a much shorter timeframe.

    Welcome to the club, Nathan. :)

    That is all. For now.
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    Oh yeah, Black Mesa Nightmare. I loved that map. It was awesome.