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    Hello I'm Jesmonda! And I've never made a map before, not at least a TF2 one! Today I'm dedicating myself to getting started, I'll be looking on the Valve Dev Wiki and around here for anything else, such as the blogs, which I'm unsure as to how they function, but will be looking into it as the day goes on.

    as for favorite map, Arena_Nucleus, i just have so much fun there!

    as for Classes, originally i thought it was going to be either Pyro or Demo or both, but with my change from the Xbox to PC, my least played class has come through to be very helpful all of a sudden, the Heavy and his sandvich are just the perfect combo!

    one question though, unsure if this is really the right place to ask, the Swamp Theme Pack, exactly, what is that? something I'd use with SDK Hammer?

    I'll keep looking around the Site to understand as much and many features here as possible while working on learning my Mapping skills.

    I've got a good idea of what my Map will be like and when it's done i hope that it comes out well! :)
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    Its a pack of models and props for TF2.

    Anyway welcome to!
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