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    Hello there TF2 mapping community, my name's azureguy. I've been playing the game since it was released in 2007, but only got into mapping recently.

    To summarize my mapping experience in a short manner:

    • 2010 - Hammer was lagging on my old pc, sometimes crashed, gave up on my map :(
    • 2011 - got new pc, tf2 hammer is now cool but Portal 2 hammer editor lagged :eek:hmy:
    • tried out UDK, makes my grpahics card overheat :O
    • 2012 - returned to Hammer, my experience/failures and patience finally bear some fruit, finish my first map :woot:
    • mastered cubemaps, for realz :thumbup:
    • Halloween 2012 update happened D:

    Now that I've got a grasp on Hammer, I want to try out all sorts of things. Since this forum has helped me more than once in the past, I wanted to return the favor and register an account here to 1. thank you all for your great efforts in the past and 2. help out others who're new to Hammer.
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    Welcome! Feel free to make a thread for your map if you're interested in getting feedback on it.