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    I have a small question about gravity in hammer...
    Let me warn you about the GRAVITY of the situation... we're talking huge man... (obligatory gravity pun out of the way, onto the question of the hour!)

    So, in order to put gravity into your map, you use a brush based entity:
    And then you mess with the gravity settings... right?

    Now I was playing around with it, and noticed that when you left the brush of low gravity, you kept the low gravity effect, but i thought nothing of it, as I quickly abandoned the project for other reasons...

    Then, I was working on maze co, and I had an idea for an event...
    So I covered the entire map in a trigger_gravity, named it and set it to be low gravity...
    then I covered the map with another brush based entity, that had the gravity be at 1, instead of .5...

    I set the low gravity one to start disabled, and the normal gravity to start enabled...

    Then I had an entity, that when it was triggered by random event, would set the normal gravity to be disabled, and the low gravity to be enabled...

    Then, after 30 seconds, it would enable the normal gravity and disable the low gravity...

    So I get in game, and test it out:

    When the event gets triggered, the map switches to low gravity

    After thirty seconds, nothing happens... the low gravity should be disabled, and the normal gravity should have taken effect, right?

    Please help me... I don't know what I'm doing wrong and could love some help...

    And the valve website does nothing to help me out...

    Also, I will not be shareing the vmf, as it is very important to me, with some other events that are WIP, that I want to keep secret for a while longer...
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    Have you tried changing the gravity in a smaller test map?
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    Even if you turn it off or they leave the trigger, they will keep the same gravity. When a player enters the trigger, the game basically says "from now on, this player will be at half gravity." You need a second trigger_gravity that will set them back to the normal gravity.

    An additional note to anyone else having troubles, this even includes respawning. If you have a certain area where people will be low-grav, the trigger volume needs to be surrounded by another trigger that will reset them, as well as triggers in the respawn rooms in case they die within the volume.
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