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    I recently started playing TF2 and am blown away by how fun it is. I've always loved creating things and that's what draws me to map making. I just want to make some decent maps that are hopefully well thought out and fun to play and share them with everyone.

    The only prior map making experience I have is for the game Dawn of War. I started a few but only published one. I was proud enough to have it included in an unofficial map pack, though.

    I currently live with my wife and daughter (2yo) in Oklahoma (bleh). Outside of video games, I like to make beer and play guitar.

    I hope I can contribute some decent pieces to the wonderful art gallery I've seen on this site.

    Edit: First off, that (bleh) was to Oklahoma, not my wife and daughter. Also, I have a small question, where would I post a map idea pitch, just to see if people were interested in the concept?
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