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Good Day Everyone! (My Mapping Experiences)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cylence, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Cylence

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    I've been mapping for awhile now and this website has been a great resource for me. I finally became confident enough in my abilities and joined to promote my latest map and contribute to the community.

    I love mapping. I started mapping with a couple pathetic attempts at creating a map in C&C: Generals. I was young and impatient and they never amounted to anything. Other mapping opportunities didn't really present themselves until a few years ago when I started playing around with Halo 3's Forge. The Forge was horribly limited (akin to trying to julienne carrots with dull stones) and yet I persisted on with it because Halo 3, although incredibly dull in my opinion, was the game all my friends played. I managed to turn out a few maps and even distribute them to my friends but, I soon left Halo after I found mapping to be increasingly masochistic as I tried to do more interesting things (having lost interest in the gameplay long ago).

    I have pretty much sworn off console gaming now (3rd RRoD) and am spending a good amount of my free time mapping and playing TF2. I got used to the basics while mapping for Garry's Mod. My first attempt at TF2 mapping, the ill-fated ctf_desert, died of poor design and carving. I have been working on my new map, cp_gauntlet, on and off for a little over year now and I am very pleased with it. But, I'm not entirely sure where to take it from here.

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    Cool! Sounds like you're really interested in mapping, and gauntlet's looking great! Make yourself at home.
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    Welcome to! The first link in my signature has some very good information in it to help you out!
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