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    A little publicity for my latest upload..

    I half expect the more experienced and dedicated hammer users here to have their own pool of reference images so i'm not sure how useful this will be to them; but for the sake of the lesser experienced users that have trouble emulating Valve's tricky TF2 style i have uploaded a collection of goldrush hammer shots emphasising the more detailed scenes. Hopefully saving people the need to decrypt and decompile a stock map, or find a source and download a decompiled map and then run it in the background that likely lags your computer as it tends to do for mine.

    These images should hopefully be all you need. (though there is a lack of the blu's industrial theme given the nature of A/D maps.)

    I chose goldrush because it's probably the most inspirational for us, it deffinately is for me, despite it's rather tragic and now frequently coined phrase "goldrush wall" it remains one of the most detailed maps in Valve's list of stock maps.

    click for download thread and teaser images
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