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Glad to be here! ^^

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by attollodeus, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. attollodeus

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    Hello to everyone here @

    This site has quickly become my favorite mapping resource over the last 2 weeks as I've opened up a lot of spare time and begun my personal 'mapping career'.

    Team Fortress 2 has been the pinnacle of my gaming experience and I'm EXTREMELY grateful in the help I've received from tutorials and dicsussion threads already on the site.

    My name is Steve, alias AttolloDeus, but you can call me AD. The name comes from a completely amateur latin translation meaning 'To exalt God', which mirrors my faith (I'm a Christian)

    I'm DEFINITELY a beginner mapper but I have spent multiple hours reading through a bunch of threads and you can guarantee that I will be populating question threads for many weeks to come ^^

    The only other mildly interesting fact is that I'm out here in west-coast Canada, eh? Just outside Vancouver, to be more precise. I don't know where the general population resides in the forums but I'm betting UK / US from the content so far.

    I am very glad to be here and I hope I can one day contribute to the site as much as it has already contributed to me :)

    ~AD / Steve~
  2. YM

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    Glad to have you here.

    Look forward to seeing what kind of stuff you can produce, no doubt you're already aware of the fantastic thread DJive compiled of all the resources available to us as mappers but if you haven't check the big text in my (or his) sig. If after consulting that and the tutorials/mapping discussion forum don't hesitate to make your own thread about any place you get stuck.
    For more instant (sometimes) responces jump in the steam chat room, the link to that is on the front page somewhere.

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    click for steam chat

    Good to see that the end of summer is bringing just as many people here rather than taking those we have away. Though the site may be somewhat slower. We endeavour to help you finish what you have started to do; and well.
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