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Get your maps out there

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Memento Mori, May 27, 2008.

  1. Memento Mori

    Memento Mori L2: Junior Member

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    Seriously, so many good maps and most servers don't even know about them. Try asking the admin of your favourite server to try your map or favourite map.

  2. Vilepickle

    Vilepickle L7: Fancy Member

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    Lots of it is the server's job too :\
  3. Snipergen

    Snipergen L13: Stunning Member

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    Can't help it if some servers prefer mario karts over cp_broma's
  4. Jive Turkey

    Jive Turkey L3: Member

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    I really think Valve should step in and distribute some of the best maps officially. I can't help but think most people just don't want to sit and download some map they're not sure is any good. Not to mention the server's bandwidth is better spent serving the game and not the content.

    I've started actively searching for custom map servers instead of just playing the servers in my favorites list and it's depressingly hard to find any of the great custom maps I've recently had the rare pleasure of playing on. And if you do it's an empty server. I've talked to server ops who say custom maps usually kill their server. For whatever reason no one shows up to get a game going.

    If Valve could collect some of the best maps into regular map packs as part of an update, then everyone would be guaranteed to have the map. Unfortunately there are loads of legal/authorship/contact hassles which would probably prevent such a thing. Though I'm sure a lot of mappers would love to have their maps featured without any compensation just for the exposure. Some of the maps I've played are definitely worth the consideration. A better distribution system is needed.
  5. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    Jive, they've done it before with HL2DM I belive. Can't see why they wouldn't do it again
  6. Bonafide

    Bonafide L6: Sharp Member

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    valve should do community map packs. The same way Unreal tournament does it.
  7. teddyruxpin

    teddyruxpin Sr. Hygiene Technician

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    Hey I take that as a shot at me ;).

    I made the modded MK and I also bought hardware for a server and modded the srcds servers to run it on and then others came and took the same map and ideas. As for a place to run custom maps I am open to hosting a few on my 4-5 servers that run MK maps now. If they are bigger maps and will work with the current mods I use (Turbo TF2 type stuff).

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