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    We at sN. Super Nifty are looking for fun new maps to test out. We are a Team Fortress 2 mapping/ social gaming community and we want to see what you have come up with.

    These are the steps to get your map tested:

    1. Test night will be played every Friday and Saturday. (other days may be scheduled)

    2. If you want other people to play your map, you need to player some other peoples maps. The more you participate the faster and more often your maps will get played.

    3. bring friends with you to play. (a full server is a fun server)

    Server IP:

    Our server is set up with fast download, a great reg. and lots of fun cool people to help out. Add me to your steam (abetheoger, AKA sN.koalamugger) and email me with a request at
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    Reposting from the other thread:
    Remove that and we are cool. Nothing fucks with testing more then modified Respawn times.
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