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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by halfcircle, Jun 9, 2015.

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    After I created and released my first map, Closequarters, I realized what I had released. It was bad. It was small. It was ugly. This time I'm back with a hopefully better map (that I hope to get past an a1). Feedback is much appreciated.
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    I hated this map in school.

    Anyway, I ran around the map for a bit and I noticed a few things. This area right outside of spawn looks rather large, open, and unfun to fight in. Also, this rather healthy sightline between spawn and the platform I'm standing on goes right across an unavoidable bottleneck, which may cause some issues should a skilled sniper or two perch up there.

    The area around the point, on the other hand, has a decent enough size. I'm worried the area under the bridge may suffer from a lack of cover however.

    Other minor niggles: I'm not sure what the point of this door is. I can understand if it's one-way since there's a drop on one side, but as a Demoman I was able to sticky jump up there and open it that way, so it just feels like an unnecessary obstacle. If the door was removed, I could see it being a rather effective sentry spot (although it won't be overlooking a whole lot).

    Also, your roofs are too thick. I recommend 4 units for thickness.
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