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    hello, everybody

    after spending some times watching you, i decided to join you
    some of you may have met me on european tf2maps server (INpact_DOUDOU), or in the tf2 steam forums (DOUDOU), i mostly play demo (and i'm great at it::p:) but i'm trying to fully master every single class, so i force myself to play as my least played classes

    as for the mapping, i am almost noob, i worked on some fy_pooldays on cs but it was a while ago
    so i'm currently learning a lot with valve's wiki and your (great) tutorials, and testing everything in a test map

    what i would like to do in the future, after knowing hammer better, would be, in this order:
    -cp_dustbowl_32, (maybe some of you won't like that) with some friends i have a server, which can run 30 slots (+2 for admin), and sadly, most of the map aren't enjoyable on 24+ slots servers, of course we don't do fastrespawn (we do have crits on though) but sometimes it's still just TDM, so i would like to rework dusty, enlarge it, add new path to make it playable, etc...
    -pl_goldrush_straight, goldrush in a single stage
    -pl_twisted, my idea for a pl map, with a unique feature, i hope it'll be possible

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    Hi and welcome to psikobare! :D

    To get started, you should read through the TF2 wiki and our own rather impressive Tutorial section.If you need help with Entities download this. Don't worry about making it pretty just yet. However, feel free to sign up for gameday for some good testing. Gamedays are on Fridays in the euro server and Saturday/Sunday in the U.S. server.If you have any other questions, there is usually someone in Steam chat who can help. Welcome to the group!

    Lastly don't forget!
    Does it help?
    Do you agree?
    Make you laugh?
    The quickest way to express yourself:[​IMG]
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    welcome! i hope ull have a fun time here. It seems youve already got some ideas and some good ones at that! (pl_goldrush_straight, goldrush in a single stage) - amazing