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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Slowdev, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Could I get some feedback on this layout idea?

    This is for a symmetrical CP map: the central control point is in a small hedge maze - actually not really so much a maze as a set of geometric brackets so that there are no dead-ends. The height of the hedge maze walls is set low enough so that wherever you are inside of it you can see the red and blue towers, however if you're standing next to a wall you can prevent enemies on the balconies from having line of sight to you.

    My goals for this control point include:
    -having it be impossible for the player to get stuck or lost
    -the maze provides cover from outside los except for the central part (right on top of the control point), so players can slip in easily but the team also has to try to control the upper ground in the area
    -damage can be done from outside via grenades, rockets, etc.
    -players can enter by hopping onto the tops of the walls from the opposing balconies

    Hoping to finish the first alpha for this map and put it up soon. If people have thoughts / suggestions on how this will work for gameplay I'd like to hear them!
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    I like how it looks so far, but I suggest that you make sure that it's really easy to smoothly navigate the maze. Also, it wouldn't be very fun to get spammed while you're in there because your strafing options are very limited.
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    Yea, i like whats going on with it, I havn't seen many middle eastern themed maps... I'd also suggest that the upper level balcony be less good for sniping, there is a massive sightline over the point, and to the other balcony, so I'd add some cover there.
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    I'm thinking that the pyro will be rather overpowering in there because of the tightness of the whole thing. And people are stupid. And believe it or not, some people WILL get lost in there. It seems like it won't happen, but i've seen it before. Otherwise i agree with what others have said. Also why is the balcony for red reflective?