gaming live stream 2-day marathon for child's play

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    so my sister’s doing this gaming livestream marathon with her friends this weekend to try and raise money for child’s play

    she’s told me that they’ve got a list of achievements they’ll be trying for over the weekend in various games + may do requested games/achievements that people suggest to them on the site.

    basically it’s like a super scaled down version of desert bus for hope. – anyways, it’s for charity and should be fun so, please check it out and donate if you can :)

    the link is:
  2. Micnax

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    Make her play the real Desert Bus and I'll donate $100 + mental treatment for attempting to do so.
  3. Faux Rhinoceros

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    Good god.
    I'd prefer robbing a bank to give the money away for charity over playing desert bus for charity.