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GameType Concept: CTFPush

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Doppler12, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Doppler12

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    CTFpush Concept Map

    So I came up with a gametype Idea and here it is, Didn't really want to put it into the maps section because
    A) it would be put on the home page
    B) its a small basic layout for feedback on what to change and improve about the gametype
    C) probably won't be released as a real map unless I accidentally struck gold

    I didn't put any signage up for a reason, this can be changed if people think its a dumb one.
    I wanted to see how easy it is to figure the gametype out with very little direction.

    I also plan on releasing a Entities VTM in the future if people show an interest cause as it stands right now its a mess of a system thats no use to anyone.

    Also forgot to thank Artesia for the Dev Texture Pack used in the demo map

    Update: Got pakrat to work.
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  2. grazr

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    I think what makes 5cp so enjoyable for people are the same reasons Valve dispensed of the flag mechanic from A/D maps for TF2 (from TFC).

    Here are some issues you might consider:

    • This concept can be griefed horrendously. If a single griefer grabs the intel your team is fucked.
    • The same mechanics that caused Valve to dispense of the flag from A/D maps are also at work here. The team relies on a single player to achieve the goal, rather than any player in the team, from any position, being able to assault and cap a point. Or a group of players to work together to actively capture a point quicker. As a result tactics become less important and more generic, to favour the faster dynamic playing field and (now) active dynamic objective (intel) in order to dilute the impact of a capture on current player positions. IE there is not time to react to an assault+stranding of players "behind" enemy lines.
    • The objective system changes so that flag carriers become the target rather than the CP's. Killing the intel carrier damages a teams efforts more than otherwise. Focusing fire onto the intel prevents a team from capping a point. Since the intel is such a small target this makes it difficult for a team to progress if the intel is dropped.
    • Nobody enjoys ninja caps (except maybe the sly capper). They are sudden and often do not reward the deserving team/player for playing well.
    • This gametype favours certain classes over others. Scouts, demomen and soldiers have a distinct advantage and would likely cause team resistance if other classes grabbed the flag first. Which is potential for rage quits of high skilled players.

    5CP, as well as A/D CP, allows for a certain margin of error that allows a team to counter attack and redeem themselves (a sort of "best of 3" mechanic that gives players more satisfaction over the result of passing events (even when losing)). This reduces the stress that comes with objectives that suddenly change location, particularly since TF2 is an otherwise slow multiplayer FPS. You risk the "gameplay" happening away from the bulk of players, especially the slower/more static classes such as the Heavy, Engineer or sniper. Of which the Heavy and Engi are already largely ignored in standard 5CP.
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  3. Doppler12

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    Well I came up with some ideas, not going to have time to implement them till after next week going to NYC to visit my GF, but anyways:

    What about on a CP capture the flag is dropped instantly and not able to picked up for 10-15 or so seconds by either team giving while leaving the capture point open so the second team has time to retaliate. This would help minimize griefing while also making the slower classes more viable.

    It is also possible to make it five CP then Flag cap instead of 3 Cp then flag cap to give more room for the margin of error.

    I could also increase Cap time to make ninja capping less likely, or make a delay between when the point becomes unlocked and the capture zone gets enabled and give audio/visual warning for when the point becomes unlocked.

    EDIT: Oh new idea, since they're strapping a sapper on their back I could argue 10 damage a second on intell holder so Scouts can't really ninja cap and defend the flag all by themselves.

    It would require atleast 2 griefers, I don't normally run into them much so I don't how big of packs they run in.
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